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To invest or not to invest? That´s the question many of us are asking. You may have written “for” and “against” and yet you cannot make a clear decision. Why? Because myths about investing are what influences us the most.


  • A way to lose even the little money I have.
    „I know of such cases. They wanted to get rich and got burned.”
  • Investing is only for the chosen ones.
    „I’ve never felt rich enough to become an investor.“
  • Investing is difficult.
    „I don’t know anything about it. It’s a world I don’t get and can´t understand. For me it´s like nuclear physics or Icelandic metal music.“
  • Investing is an individual sport.
    „If I don’t take care of my money by myself, no one will do it for me.“
  • Investing is disadvantageous.
    „Big players will keep everything to themselves and I, as a small investor, have no chance of making attractive investments.“
  • Investing is time consuming.
    „I don’t know when I would have time for that. It has to be constantly monitored, you have to be buried in it so that you can react.“


  • Investing is a way to appreciate the extra money I have.
    „Certainly better than having it in a bank in a savings account, where it won’t earn me even a cup of coffee in a year, not to mention the amount of return that doesn’t even cover inflation.“
  • Investing is for anyone who wants to be richer.
    „Why couldn’t that be me? We all have this in common, whether we wear a jacket or a sweatshirt.“
  • Investing is simple.
    „I’m not going to study banking because of that. And I don’t have to. Just connect with the right people. And it is certainly not difficult.“
  • Investing is a collective sport.
    „We all want the same thing: money. I have common interests with the asset manager. We share success and risk. Because that’s fair.“
  • Investing is advantageous.
    „And what else should it be? With other expectations, I wouldn’t go into it. At RIB SLOVAKIA, they invest in selected properties that yield stable returns. But in the future it may be something else. That’s what it’s about.“
  • Investing is time-saving.
    „Everything that matters to us takes some time. Time is money, but that doesn’t mean I spend all my free time on it. RIB SLOVAKIA will take care of it for me.“