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GOLDSIDE Real Estate Fund

At the beginning of 2023, the management company RIB SLOVAKIA, in accordance with the law, applied to the National Bank of Slovakia for prior approval to return the permission to create the fund GOLDSIDE Real Estate Fund, o.p.f., RIB SLOVAKIA, správ. spol., a.s. (hereinafter referred to as the “Fund”) with the intention of dissolving the Fund.

The decision of National bank of Slovakia granting its consent entered into force on 03.05.2023. As of that date, we have begun the process of dissolution of the Fund, which means, among other things, the termination of the issuance and redemption of units and the conclusion of the management of assets in the Fund, including the sale of assets/assets of the Fund.

We are currently working on liquidating the last asset of the Fund, namely units of the fund NOVA Real Estate, investment fund s proměnného základní kapitalem, a.s..

After liquidation of this asset, we proceed to settle the obligations of the Fund and the final step consisting in the payment of the corresponding share to the Fund’s investors.

Fund certificate:

Name of the fund: GOLDSIDE Real Estate Fund, o.p.f., RIB SLOVAKIA, správ. spol., a.s.

Short name of the fund: GOLDSIDE Real Estate Fund

Fund type: Open mutual fund created as a public special real estate fund

Asset manager: RIB SLOVAKIA, asset management company, Inc.

Auditor: BPS Audit, s.r.o.

Fund depositary: UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia

Risk-return profile: 3 (on a scale of 1 to 7)

Recommended investment horizon: minimum 3 years

Entry fee: maximum 2 %

Exit fee: maximum 1 %

Management: fee 1%

Performance fee: 20 % of the fund’s return

Minimum investment: from 20 EUR

Account number for investing in the GOLDSIDE Real Estate Fund mutual fund: SK5211110000001567602015

Fund’s price chart:


Value of 1 share: 0,102579 EUR
Nett asset value: 81 300,41 EUR
– for 1 month:  0,31 %
– for 3 months: -12,80 %
– for 6 months: -12,80 %
– for 1 year: -12,65 %
– Year-to-date (YTD): -12,80 %
– since launch (25. 10. 2019):  0,48 % p.a.

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WARNING: Returns from investment in mutual funds achieved in the past are not a guarantee of future returns. Investments in mutual funds involve differing degrees of risk which depend on the specific investment policy and the strategy of the mutual fund. The value of the investment in the mutual fund, as well as its return, may rise or fall and the shareholder may not receive the full amount invested. The investment policy’s objective may not be achieved. The asset manager does not guarantee achievement of the investment policy’s objective in any way.