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The Royal Invest Micro Fund

A public special alternative investment fund intended for all those who wish to appreciate their assets by investing in various types of assets in accordance with the rules of Islamic Shari’a law.

It is designed for clients with previous knowledge and experience in investing and with higher risk tolerance.

Where do we invest?

Primarily until the purchase of equity interests in trading companies

  • operating in the real estate sector,
  • trading commodities (in particular oil, natural gas, precious metals),
  • providing services in the financial sector and education,
  • a company whose subject of activity is technological solutions, development of new technologies and software, health solutions,
  • trading in works of art.
  • by purchasing shares in other mutual funds.

Secondarily in other assets:

  • shares, bonds and other financial market instruments.

The fund may also reasonable use the financial derivatives for return purposes as well as for risk hedging purposes.

Fund certificate:

Name of the fund: The Royal Invest Micro Fund Slovakia, o.p.f., RIB SLOVAKIA, správ. spol., a.s.

Short name of the fund: The Royal Invest Micro Fund

Fund type: Open mutual fund created as a public special alternative investment fund

Asset manager: RIB SLOVAKIA, asset management company, Inc.

Auditor: BPS Audit, s.r.o.

Fund depositary: UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia

Risk-return profile: 6 (on a scale of 1 to 7)

Recommended investment horizon: minimum 5 years

Entry fee: maximum 3 %

Exit fee: maximum 1 %

Management: fee 1,5%

Performance fee: 20 % of the fund’s return

Minimum investment: from 1000 EUR

Account number for investing in the The Royal Invest Micro Fund: SK55 1111 0000 0015 6760 2058


Value of 1 share: 0,100000 EUR
Nett asset value: 6 790,00 EUR
– for 1 month: 0,00 %
– for 3 months: 0,00 %
– for 6 months: 0,00 %
– for 1 year: 0,00 %
– Year-to-date (YTD): 0,00 %
– since launch 06.06.2023): 0,00 % p.a.

Documents to download

This advertisement is purely informative, it is not an offer to purchase securities and its text is not legally binding. The purpose of this advertisement is not to replace Key informations document, the Prospectus of the fund and the Fund statute, which are available in Slovak at the points of sale of RIB SLOVAKIA, správ. spol., a.s. and this website.

WARNING: Returns from investments in mutual funds achieved in the past are not a guarantee of future returns. There is a different level of risk associated with investing in mutual funds, which depends on the specific investment policy and strategy of the mutual fund. The value of the investment in the mutual fund, as well as the yield from it, may rise or fall, and the unit-holder may not receive back the entire invested amount. The objective of investment policy may not be achieved, despite professional care. The manager does not guarantee in any way the achievement of the investment policy objective.  In the Statute, the Management Company has extended the deadline for the redemption of unit certificates to a maximum of 3 months from the date of the current valuation, which immediately follows the receipt of a complete application for redemption of unit certificates by the Management Company.