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Frequently asked questions Q / A

Why to invest with GOLDSIDE?

We believe that investing can be simple and user friendly. Our philosophy in asset management is the win-win principle. If you earn, we earn. We’re in it together. We share profits and risk together.

Is there any investment group behind you?

Yes. It is Arca Capital, a respected financial group which is the 100 % shareholder of asset management company GOLDSIDE Asset Management.

What is your vision?

We imagine a world in which investing in mutual funds is convenient and where the common interest of an asset manager and their client is obvious. GOLDSIDE values are: simple, profitable and together.

What is the mutual fund?

The mutual fund is a form of collective investing. The investments of individuals are accumulated in the fund and invested by an asset management company depending on the primary fund’s objective. It can be stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. The investment horizon (the period during which it is recommended to let the investment work) and the investment risk, which is closely related to the revenue, both also depend on the fund’s objective.

How can I start investing?

Contact us and our GOLDSIDE partners will help you with everything.